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Harvest Bliss Blue Moon Herbal Tissane 45g


This intensely fragrant bath tissane is for those 'once in a blue moon...' days. You know the ones. It's somewhere around that time of the month, and you're feeling achey, fed up, and -- dare we say it? -- a tiny bit cranky.

Blue Moon Bath Tissane is an aromatherapy blend of botanicals, Australian sea salt and organic coconut oil formulated to uplift your spirits and soothe your body. Drop the whole organza bag into your bath, and let the hot running water dissolve the salt and activate the natural scents and oils.

This tissane smells spicy, floral and utterly delicious, but is for external use only -- please don't drink it! And because we've gone strong on the essential oils, please don't use this product if you are pregnant, unless you have consulted with your doctor.

Ingredients: Australian sea salt, lavender, organic chamomile, rose buds, cloves, cornflowers, organic coconut oil, essential oils, ground cinnamon.

We use only top quality, food-grade ingredients in all our products, but they are not meant to be eaten. Please use as bath and skin products, as intended. If you have any reaction following your use of our products, please discontinue and seek medical advice. If you have a sensitivity to coconut oil, or essential oils, please check the ingredient list on items before purchase. We welcome your enquiries if you would like more detailed information before buying.

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