accordian hanging rack displays trinkets, dried flowers and a child's outfit on a white wall.
A close up of a timber accordian hanging rack on a white wall.  Displays a feather headdress, trinkets and a child's outfit.
accordian rack hanging in a child room against a pale pink wall. dried flowers, pots and a picture hang from the peg hooks.
accordian hanging rack displays pink felt flowers, a mustard dream catcher and two mustard pom poms against a white wall.
accordian hanging rack displays a childs handbag, dried flowers and a white child's dress, white shoes and brown cardigan on a white wall.
a small girl playing with a pink timber play kitchen. A timber accordian hanging rack displays cane baskets and green trailing plants on the wall above. The girl wears a peacock green velvet hat.
accordian hanging rack displays trinkets, dried flowers, a crochet top, brown leather bag and feather dream catcher above a white timber double bed. The wall behind is white.
A girl places her straw hat on the accordian hanging rack. She wears pigtails and a navy blue dress with sleeves. A cane basket holding purple flowers hangs next to her. The wall is pale cream.
A close up of a timber accordian hanging rack on a white wall.  Displays a feather headdress, trinkets and a dried flower arrangement hangs on the wall next to it.
accordian hanging rack displays a childs handbag, dried leaves,  yellow overalls and brown shoes on a white wall.
A dark haired boy standing int from of a grasspaper wall. An accordian rack hangs above with a straw hat and woven bag. He wears a yellow tee shirt.

Hanging Rack

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Hello there vintage love of mine! Bringing you our spin on a vintage piece that we've all just got to have, our Hanging Rack. This expandable piece is made with quality pine and can be easily hung with the use of the wall mounting attachments on the back. Hang all your bits and pieces up on display, from your bags, scarves, hats, coats, decor and accessories.
Expanded: 700mm x 250mm

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DELIVERY: Please do not leave PO BOX as a point of delivery for your order. The courier service used for our products can not deliver to PO BOXES.
Lead Time: Please allow 4 days for packaging and shipping to be scheduled plus shipping times.
Note: All pieces are handmade and hand painted. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly, this does not deem any piece as faulty or a defect which include natural timber knots and grains. Our pieces are made with non toxic materials, however it is not recommended they be used as a toy or teether. Our vintage inspired hanging rack are made with an old age loved look to bring to life that vintage look and feel. This piece is about bringing vintage back. It is made a little rougher around the edges with no sanded finish to give a vintage, worn, old aged feel. This is not considered a default item. Please consider this before purchasing.